Hellzine n°6 | Interview with Asenblut

Here is the written english version of the interview we had with the Death / Folk Metal band from Germany, Asenblut.

First of all, could you please just introduce the members of the band and sum up its history ? We are Asenblut from Göttingen, a band with a classical metal setup of 2 guitars, a grunting frontman, a guy for the deep tunes at the bass and ofcourse a brutal machine on the drums. We started playing thrashing black/death metal 9 years ago and have never stopped since. With a very broad span in musical taste and age throughout the bandmembers we have influences in our style ranging from classical metal to the most harsh and frostbitten extreme metal styles.

You play a kind of different music, quite difficult to describe, we can find bits of Black, pieces of Death and some epic Pagan rhythms behind. How did you come with this really personal style ? As mentioned above, due to the very different styles we prefere ourselves the music we create has a lot of variety and is more than the sum of its parts. We love modern metal, but also very oldschool stuff. If you must label Asenblut it is basicly Melodic Death Metal. At least nowadays. Our drummer Balrogh and our lead guitarist Claus Cleinkrieg compose the songs with all those different ideas in their minds.

What are your main musical influences ? Both of our songwriters have more or less a classical musical education. Metalwise our music is rooted within the early Iron Maiden, Annihilator, Slayer, Dissection, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy and some more… Lyrically a lot of german bands have influenced our style as well like Nocte Obducta, Black Messiah, Riger and some more…

Can you present us your new album “Berserker” ? Thunderous rage, brutal rhythms and melodies to dwell upon. A step forward without compromise. More is more.

I guess your lyrics are about mythology, but can you give us a few details about the stories which inspired you ? The lyrical themes are and always have been far more diverse than just plain mythological references. Our lyrics are inspired by nature, literature, audio dramas and every day live. Especially on “Berserker” the range is broader than ever before. Videogames like DarkSouls and Heroes of the Storm, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, the Cthulu mythos and even conspiracy theories found their way into our songs.

Also, why did you choose to sing in German instead of English ? Is it to reinforce your difference or something else ? It is our native language and the harsh nature of german just fits metal very well. Since it is our mother tongue we are able to create deeper meaning and more subtlety than in english, even though we speak it quite well. It is really challenging. English has a lot more words than german, it is easier to diversify your vocabulary in english.

Could you please also comment the artwork of the album ? With who did you work to make it ? It was done by an artist who works for tattooists and videogame companies. His name is Felix Kölsch. The coloring was done by Peter Sallai who also does coverwork for Sabaton, WASP, Kreator and many more. We wanted the cover to look powerful and represent the music within. It is a step up in professionality and we are really happy with the design!

“Berserker” is also your first album with AFM Records, can you explain us how the deal happened and if it’s really different from being an independent band ? Long story short, we played a gig at the Rockharz festival 2015 and the boss of the label saw us and thought we have potential. So we sat together and discussed if we would like to work together. So now we have our contract and are very happy with the work so far!

Finally, what are your projects for the next few months ? The most important thing is playing live. We are currently booking some gigs in Germany and are looking for a band to support on a tour. It is a dream of us to get to international stages as well. Starting this fall we will work on new material, but we won’t rush it. So don’t expect a follow up to “BERSERKER” to soon…We want to keep the quality high, even though this might keep our fans waiting a bit.

And if you have a few words for your Belgian fans to finish this interview, feel free to add them. Everyone of you is important to us! If you like our music and share the passion of heavy metal, this is for you ! \m/

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