Hellzine n°6 | Interview with Signs Of Algorithm

Here is the original version of the written interview we had with the belgian Metalcore band Signs Of Algorithm.

Hello guys, first of all, congratulations for the contest! To begin this interview, could you please sum up the story of the band ?Thanks guys, it was really cool for us to play at Mid Summer Fest ‘16 on the same stage with an awesome bands like Aborted. Besides, we are really happy that we have won the contest ! The story of the band… We started as a bunch of guys with a passion for Metalcore who just wanted to make heavy music for ourselves and for our friends. A lot has changed in the 3 years that we have been around as a band, especially in our line up. We only have 3 original members left from when we started with Signs Of Algorithm. It’s difficult to find a good and solid line-up with a band if you have to play a lot of shows and when you have to be a lot on the road with each other. Nowadays we finally have a stable line-up with members who really love music and who have the passion to spread it around the world.

How did you come with this name “Signs Of Algorithm” ? Basically, an algorithm is a mathematical term to become a solution out of different parts. Whilst making our music we go through a similar process. We combine different genres, different patterns and different influences to build new songs so our band name is directly connected to the creation of our very own music.

You’re playing a brutal and rather uncommon Metalcore, what are your main influences ? Yeah, we play some brutal stuff for sure. We are 5 different persons with our own personal view on how Signs Of Algorithm should sound but we don’t have a specific style per person because we all love different genres. We just bring our ideas together and blend it as far as possible so you could say that we are influenced by different genres like deathcore, hardcore, metalcore, death metal,…

Can you present us your album “Harbinger” ? Also, with who did you work for the recordings and for the artwork ? For our debut album “Harbinger” we used a lot different influences in the writing process. Variation is very important for us because we didn’t want that every song sounds almost exactly the same. We present Harbinger as an energetic album with a blend of tight guitar riffs, good solo’s and ass-kicking vocals. Back in the summer of 2015 we played some shows in Italy on the New Horizons Summer Tour and spend some days off over there as well. During our stay in Italy we met the guy from White Tower Records and stayed for a while at his place. We had a really good vibe over there and it was a very familiar atmosphere so we decided to sign with White Tower Records and record the album over there as well. Because of our label we got in contact with Skie Graphic Studio and we worked together with them to create our artwork.

Is it a concept album ? If not, can you explain the themes you approach through the lyrics of the songs ? No, it’s not. The lyrics on this album contain a lot of varied themes. There is no sunset on « Harbinger », only dark themes that’ll punch you in the face. Think of subjects like terrorism, dictatorship, psychosis, heartache,…

On the other hand, beside your youthfulness, you offer really professional and “alive” live shows, how would you explain this ? When we are on stage we do our best to “live” our songs instead of just playing them. We are always pumped up when we play a show so we release our energy on stage and we put our own emotions in our songs when we release ‘em on the crowd. Besides, we try to involve the people as much as possible in our shows.

Also, it seems that you evolve fast and you manage to play a lot of shows in and outside Belgium, do you have a secret ? Yes we play a lot of shows. Actually, we are starting our 4th European tour from 29 September ‘til 9 October. This will be our 2nd tour in 2016. On the “Harbinger Tour” (beginning 2016) we played in the South of France, Spain, UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. On the upcoming “Enigma Tour” (end 2016) we have the North of France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Switzerland coming up. There is no secret involved. Our vocalist, Frederick, gathered a lot of contacts throughout the years and actually booked all of our past shows and tours himself. The more people you know, the more help you can get for filling up open dates. For the upcoming “Enigma Tour” we worked together with HIR Booking from Sarajevo because it absorbs a lot of time to do everything yourself.

How would you imagine the band in ten years ? It would be cool to play on some bigger festivals and have the possibility to tour outside of Europe in ten years. A tour in USA or Japan would be amazing.

Do you have a few words for our readers and your fans to finish this interview ? Hey guys, we hope to see you on one of our upcoming shows. Check out the ‘Tour Dates’ section on our bandpage or simply track us on Bands In Town to be updated of every upcoming show in your neighborhood. Cheers !

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